Branding 101

Strong branding is critical in our cluttered world. After all, you want to ensure that you’re the first resource and name in your niche that comes to readers’ minds.
IMG_2488 Here’s a four tips to have a great, memorable brand:

1. Use your own words. Develop an “elevator pitch,” usually a few sentences. Be yourself.

2. Associate yourself with other brands. Find brands and people who similar to you. Don’t sell yourself short or lose sight of who you in partnerships.

3. Use the same avatar across all social platforms. Consolidate. Too many images of a brand can confuse audience. Choose a pick that represents you and use it on ever line of communication. By the way, make sure it is a professional shot.

4. Good grooming is essential. Remember that once you step out that door, you are representing your brand. Make an effort in your appearance. Stand up straight with confidence. Be positive and kind.

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