Scheduled Tweets Done Right

Twitter provides an opportunity to mix structure and spontaneity in your business communication. Smart social marketers use both approaches, because they appeal to two very different types of Twitter users: information seekers (search for useful content) and engagers (interact & participate).
Scheduling tweets is a great way to deliver content to information seekers — but it can also facilitate engagement if handled properly. Don’t inundate people with scores of tweets over a short period of time. The number and frequency of scheduled tweets depends on your real-time tweeting activity. If you tweet a lot throughout the day, layering on more than one or two scheduled tweets could result in their being lost in the shuffle. Schedule tweets at times when you know your community is online and active. If you don’t know, schedule the same block of tweets at various times throughout the day and monitor retweets and replies.

Twitter doesn’t have to be too planned out, but a schedule will help you out!

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