Regifting Done Right!

Regifting has been given a bad wrap. I am here to rebrand the term and define regifting as “one present at a time can help give to others around the world.” There’s something extra special about giving a gift that has a special meaning. But giving a gift that also makes our world a better place? This is what this season is all about!

Choosing Shoes…
Chooze shoes (started by a local mom) has an antipoverty mission that aims to inspire creativity while selling some pretty cute kicks (from $45). Made of cotton and 100% vegan materials, the shoes are vibrant and whimsical, and no two are the exactly the same.

…And Shades…
TOMS will help a person in need with every product you purchase. From the chic classic aviators to the retro-inspired sunglasses, they are made complete with hand-painted stripes that serve as a reminder of all those in the world without perfect sight.

…Or Food…
OMG S’Mores kit ($15/each) provide 16 meals for the North Texas Food Bank. Held in a 3-foot cylinder, the kit holds enough ingredients for 16 s’mores (graham crackers, marshmallows made to perfection, chocolate bar, skewers).

…Or Bag.
Anne Fontaine EcoBag helps restore the endangered Brazilian Atlantic forest. Partly made of recycled plastic bottles(100%PET), the EcoBag is recyclable, environmentally-friendly and stylish.


  1. Thanks for sharing the information on OMG S’mores. Two things I love: s’mores and helping people who don’t have enough food. North Texas Food Bank is a wonderful organization. I’ll put that on my list of gifts!

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