Cupcakes Are A Smashing Success!

With Cupcake Camp Dallas less than a week away, I think it’s fitting for me to share my top 5 cupcake bakeries found courtesy of Bizzy, a local business recommendation website & mobile app based on the favorite places of people like you. To test the strength, accuracy and reliability of Bizzy recommendations, they created “Top Secret Mission #1: Cupcakes.”

Mission: Use Bizzy to identify your Top 5 recommendations for cupcakes. Further identify the best recommendation based on the quality of the cupcakes available at those five venues.

Details: Cupcake quality is to be determined by this specific methodology.

  • Obtain one “specialty of the house” cupcake from each bakery.
  • Observe and document the aesthetic beauty of each cupcake.
  • Note the “enticement of smell factor” of each cupcake.
  • Determine the “smashability” of each cupcake by smooshing it on your face.
  • Assess the flavor by sampling what is left of the cupcake.

  • Here are the results:

    Fortunately for me, none of these places will be at Cupcake Camp Dallas. The family looks forward to trying out more local bakeries and “amateur” bakers’ cupcakes this weekend. What is your favorite cupcakery? What’s your favorite flavor?

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