Why Meals Around the Table Are Important

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Around the time I start back-to-school shopping, I have dreams of being organized. I will plan out lunch meals and dinner feast and search for the best deals at grocery store. I will be prepare ahead of time and know exactly what the family is going to be doing on any given day at any given moment. And, then reality wakes me up.

This year, our family is making it our mission to eat our dinners around the table. This is a good AND bad thing for me. Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect and learn from one another. Family mealtime is the good opportunity to display appropriate table manners, meal etiquette and social skills. Lastly, meals prepared and eaten at home are usually more nutritious and healthy. This brings me to the bad – I have to prepare this great meal. Fortunately for me, Central Market sells Cookwell & Company Tortilla Soup that are not only life savers but delicious too!Company Jar
I am not one to follow directions, which is SOOO MUCH fun in the kitchen. I boil a pound of free-range chicken that has been marinated in lime juice. After it is cooked, I shredded it and place it in a pot with the jar of tortilla soup on medium heat. Within 15 minutes, I have a gourmet Chicken Tortilla Soup ready for the whole family. Add some pico de gallo, crumbled tortilla chips, shredded monterrey jack cheese, fresh cilantro and avocado slices, and BAM! Your family will be transported to a Mexican restaurant inside your home. Olé!
Chicken Tortilla Soup
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  1. I have tried the enchilada soup and did the same by adding chicken cooked in broth. I also added cheese and tortilla chips.
    The basil soup, green Chile are also great. The chili base in the 3 step is terrific. I don’t live near a HEB so I try to stock up when I am.

  2. Yummy! My Sol loves Tortilla Soup! A short cut I use to get a rotisserie chicken, strip it of its meat, add it to the soup and then let the kids add lime, tortilla chips, cheese, cilantro, avocado and sour cream. Add a quick salad on the side. Easy dinner in like 15 minutes.

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