Blissdom ’13 Agenda

Is Blissdom 2013 really THIS week? I’ll be packing over the next few days and heading across town on Thursday. As a planner, I have mapped out my tentative schedule. The problem is there are way too many great speakers, so I am not sure how to choose each session. I am hoping there are other attenders out there willing to share their notes, so I can get the most out of Blissdom. I feel fortunate to have this great conference come to my town. YEE-HAW! This is my first time, and I don’t believe you can ever be too prepared. 😉

10AM Wholly Guacamole Chef Experience (unofficial)
3PM Photo Walk
4:30PM Newcomer Meet-up
6PM Wildside Meetup (unofficial)
7PM Opening Kick Off Reception
9:30 Bliss After Hours with All My Children & One Live to Live

5AM 5 Club with Jon Acuff (unofficial)
7AM Fitness Session
8AM Breakfast sponsored by Seattle’s Best Coffee
9AM Welcome & Opening Keynote with Scott Stratten
11:15AM Pier 1 Import Outdoor Oasis Consult (unofficial)
12PM Session #1
Business: Sara Hawkins – Legal Bliss For Online Influencers & Professionals OR
Writing: Shelly Kramer: Writing For The Web: What, Why And How To Kick Butt At It
1:30PM VO5 Hair Styling (unofficial)
2:30PM Session #2 Photography: Anna Epp: Rock Your Camera
3:40PM One2One Headshot
4:15PM Session #3
Business: Wendy Scherer: Using Data For Creative And Impactful Marketing OR
Writing: Megan Jordan: Uninterrupted Thought: Power Of Focus
5:30PM GoGo squeeZ Party (unofficial)
7PM Girl Night Out featuring Amber Riley & Chris Mann in support of Child Hunger Ends Here

7AM Fitness Session
9AM Morning Keynote with Susan Cain
11:30AM Session #4
Business: Danielle Smith: Spread The Word: Using The Media To Give Voice To Your Message OR
Photography: David Molnar & Alli Worthington: Photographer Bootcamp
12:30PM Lunch with Dallas Bliss Girls sponsored by One2One Network
2PM Session #5 Writing: Bianca Juarez Olthoff: Plot, Conflict, Resolution: The Elements To Your Story
4:30PM Closing Keynote with Jon Acuff
8PM Girl Night In sponsored by Maytag support of Boys & Girls Clubs of America

What does your schedule look like?  Want to find me during Blissdom – be sure to send me a Tweet @RealPoshMom and I’ll do my best to find you.  If you won’t be there and want to see what I’m learning, you can follow my hashtag #PoshBliss. I am looking forward to rooming with three new friends, Amy Pelkner, Jennifer of The Newlywed Pilgrimage and Megan of Fitspiration For Moms.


  1. Wow, you’re so organized! You are going to love Blissdom – it’s incredible. I don’t know how I’d ever choose between Sara’s and Shelly’s sessions – both are fabulous. Of course, I’d be flattered if you came to my session but it’d sure hard to miss Megan. I admire her so, so much! (If you go to Megan’s, let me know & I’ll send you my presentation and links – and I won’t get my feelings hurt 🙂

    Have a great conference & look for me! I’d love to meet you & say hello.

  2. Love this idea. I have mine hand written, but I am going to borrow the idea for my blog. Looks like we have some overlapping sessions. Can’t wait to meet you Thursday.

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