5 Ways to Soak Up Summer

As school has come to a close, summer bring on the heat.  On most days, I have a hard time letting my kids stay outdoors for any length of time unless it is early enough in the morning before the sun makes its fierce appearance.  But my kids are kids and love to play outside, so here are some options for outdoor fun.

1. Super Soaker Water Guns. Instead of using your water hose to cool yourself off, pick up this water blaster. It will sure be the envy of other kids. Nothing like transporting a child’s imagination into the field of battle, as they “cool” off other with this water gun.

2. Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink. Turn your backyard into a squared-off sliding, water-soaked hockey field. And when the kids are away, challenge your spouse for a match. *wink, wink*

3. Play & Shade Pool. There is nothing more important in the summer than skincare safety. Your toddler enjoy the outdoors more as they play in the water underneath an umbrella.

4. Slip N’ Slide Splash Dunk. Let your kids show off their moves and dunk just like on the court with this 16-foot water slide.

5. Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table. Summer is not only about water. Add a little sand ,and your child will be playing outside until sun goes down. This dual table will keep your child busy playing in their own beach.

Remember to put sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outdoors, and have make some time to play outdoors! Don’t let the heat keep you in & let your kids imagination go wild outdoors with some of these toys.

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