Yogurt to the Rescue!

Traveling can be fun & exciting as you stay at fun places, see amazing things and eat great food. Unfortunately a lot of the food that restaurants serve are not great for the body. I can testify to this fact after spending a weekend away at BlogHer. The good news was Dannon Oikos was the Expo Hall at BlogHer, where I stopped by daily and tried a different flavor.

When I travel I try to eat one serving of Greek yogurt a day, usually either first thing in the morning or a snack before lunch. Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt contains active cultures. Active cultures are also known as probiotics or healthy bacteria that fight harmful bacteria and aid in digestive health, plus enhance our immune system.  A diet rich in probiotics is especially important for women, as the healthy probiotic bacteria helps to prevent and cure yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Read more about why yogurt is healthy here.

Here are the various ways I enjoy my Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt – not the right out the cup isn’t delicious. 😉 First, mix canned sardines (high omega-3) with plain Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt and sautéed onion. (Super yummy!) Second, toss cubes of cooked eggplant with plain nonfat Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt, chopped mint leaves, garlic (detox food) and cayenne. Third, add chopped cucumber and dill to plain Greek yogurt and use as a dip for raw vegetables, or serve it atop grilled hormone-free chicken. Lastly, layer Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt, berries and low-fat granola in a parfait glass.

How do you like your Dannon® Oikos® Greek yogurt?

Disclosure: I have partnered with Dannon to help promote Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt.  I have been compensated for my time commitment to review the product.  However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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