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Willy the Texas Longhorn Arrives in Time for Christmas!

Willy the Texas LonghornIn Texas, we see things a little differently. Yes, you may know the story of the “Night Before Christmas” poem, but do you know how Willy the Texas Longhorn played a part? 😉 Willy the Texas Longhorn is a clever story of a Texas Longhorn who believes that he can guide Santa’s sleigh just as well as any reindeer. If a reindeer can fly, Willy believes a longhorn can, too. Despite the doubts of the other cattle, Willy will not give up on his dream. One Christmas Eve, a thick pea-soup fog descends on Texas, and Santa is in need of a local guide. Willy paints his horns glowing blue and sets off to pull Santa’s sleigh all over the state. As Willy and Santa fly to every house in Texas delivering presents, they visit the famous cities and sights of the Lone Star State.

Every Texan, current or former, native or adopted, will love this tale of a longhorn with a dream! My kids fell in love with Willy and his determined spirit. They loved seeing familiar sites around Texas, and it became a game of “We’ve been there!” We have reading it again and again, as we get into the Christmas spirit. So, make some hot chocolate, turn off the TV and sit together on your favorite chair or sofa as your family travels with Willy the Texas Longhorn.

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