Walking With the Enemy

Walking With the EnemyInspired by the true story of Pinchas Rosenbaum, Walking With the Enemy begins in the final months of World War II. The Nazis are desperately trying to enact their genocide against Jews in Hungary, who had been protected from persecution until their leader Regent Horthy, played by Sir Ben Kingsley, was forced to bow to the will of Hitler and Eichmann. Hoping to find his displaced family and avoid being placed in a labor camp, young Elek Cohen, played by Jonas Armstrong, undertakes extraordinary measures to survive, using a stolen uniform to pose as a Nazi officer so that he can reroute Jews to safety and disrupt the activities of the German occupiers.

Walking With the Enemy is gut wrenching. It is difficult to watch, yet it is important to watch. If we fail to comprehend our history, we are doomed to repeat it. Elek Cohen shows how self-sacrifice to save others is the highest form of love.

Run Time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Content Warning: Rated PG-13

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