Timothy Oulton: British Chic and Charm

British designer Timothy Oulton brings his classic heritage design to Texas! When you walk into the store, you are transported to modern English estate with picture imposing, shimmering chandeliers, tufted leather sofas and ottomans, antique-inspired travel trunks and playful accessories such as toy cars, weathered boxing gloves, and – of course – a healthy representation of the Union Jack. Housed inside a historic building once used to craft stately design elements for Highland Park homes, the FIRST US store also includes an aquarium with a yellow submarine, design studio, floral shop and sweet treats from Dallas’ The Hospitality Sweet.

I was curious to know more about his work. I got an exclusive Q+A with Timothy!

How do you define Timothy Oulton’s style? 
Important parts of our style are our daring energy – a desire to do something different –  and our commitment to authentic handcraftsmanship. We also know that we’re not for everyone.

What is the one piece of furniture that EVERYONE needs to have in their home?
A great sofa. Something with character, that will last.

What are the ABCs of furnishing your home?
Its not that hard: pick something you like, but make sure its something that will last, that is classic, that is well made, that is made with autehtntic quality materials.

What’s the biggest thing you have designed through the years?
We’ve done a double sided six seater Kensington chesterfield sofa for a club – its was huge.

What is most important to you as far as design?
It is to be best in planet in everything we do – our materials, our designs, our creative talents, and of course the actual product – and we want to keep true to this philosophy looking forward. 

What does Dallas offer Timothy Oulton?
I think the sense of energy and of living in a bold kind of way, coupled with a clear appreciation for style and culture.

It was great talking to Tim, and I believe you’ll enjoy perusing through this flagship store!

4500 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206

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