San Antonio’s Best BBQ: Two Bros BBQ Market

IMG_2179 One of the best things about traveling to Central Texas is their BBQ. First thing that my family did when we drove into San Antonio was to check out Chef Jason Dady’s Two Bros. BBQ Market, whom I had just met him a month ago in Dallas. Located in Northern San Antonio off of West Avenue, Two Bros. BBQ Market has a nicely wooded location with a spacious outdoor patio. It is the perfect place for the family outing!
IMG_2182 Two Bros. offers brisket, pulled pork, chopped beef and ribs by the pound, and chicken by wing and sausages by the link. You walk up to the counter, tell them how much you’d like, and then you pay for it. You don’t stay to watch them slice, you just pay, grab utensils and condiments, and then they call you when your order is ready. We ordered the restaurant’s namesake, “Two Bros.”, and boy, was it enough food for a family of 4 and then some leftovers for the rest of the trip. 😉
IMG_2217 The beef brisket slices had a nice amount of rendered fat that made it juicy. The sausage had some good smoked flavor, a nice snap and juicy interior. The rest of the meat were flavorful and smoky. The mac and cheese was creamy and complemented the BBQ well. My daughter could have eaten this all by herself because she loved it that much. The BBQ beans had a pleasant surprise – peaches – mixed into it. We finished up our meal with a mixed berry cobbler that was tart and sweet at the same time.
IMG_2207 Two Bros. has a great location, friendly staff and some good food. When the weather is nice, you may be able to enjoy some LIVE MUSIC on Friday and Saturday nights. We did, and it made our experience perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back, and let my kids run around after a long car ride as we savor some great BBQ.

Two Bros. BBQ Market
12656 West Ave
San Antonio, TX 78216

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