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Roll over to Five Sixty for Sushi

I have been to Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck many times and enjoy their Asian Fusion cuisine, but this last time, I had a whole new experience. I discovered seats at their sushi bar, which is set aside from the rest of the dining area lined with beautiful white leather chairs in front of the Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Fujino. It is an honor to sit before a chef and watch him create art.

The sushi menu has a full complement of sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, and maki, with all of the usual suspects well-represented. I started with Ikura Oroshi, salmon eggs with Grated Daikon.

Ikura Oroshi

I followed this dish with the King Crab Sunomono, which is a cucumber salad with king crab. I sampled the Sashimi Plate, composed of bigeye tuna, white salmon and hotate scallop. The white salmon and scallops were AMAZING!

Sashimi Plate

Next, I tasted a Duck Breast Skewer, consisting of a broiled duck breast with tempura mushroom stuffed with strawberry blackberry compote. The Marinated Diakon Roll is a roll of hamachi, shrimp, shiso leaf, avocado, yamagobo and sushi rice. Both are works of art on the plate and both delicious.

Marinated Diakon Roll

I tried Seared Albacore with Ginger Honey Beet Dressing. Special Dynamite Roll composed of king crab, hotate scallop, spicy tuna, masago, cucumber and avocado; rolled and tempura-fried; and served with eel sauce, spicy pepper paste and Japanese mayo (which Fujino held for me). A crunchy exterior yielded to the succulent core, a nice combination of flavors. I finished off this amazing sushi dinner with Nyu Men with Ebi Shinjou, a hot broth somen noodle with deep-fried shrimp ball.

Seared Albacore with Ginger Honey Beet Dressing
Nyu Men with Ebi Shinjou

Five Sixty has delicious dessert and drink menu too. Service could not have been more professional, and the staff was helpful in suggesting dishes and answering questions. When you are craving sushi or want to try something special, Five Sixty should be your next stop!

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