Our Family Fights

Don’t throw in the towel! Don’t quit, don’t give up, God has a plan for your life. We may face challenging times or situations, but now is not the time to draw back, but rather the time to get in the ring and fight the good fight of faith for you and your family.

I was reminded about this when our family took our annual trip to Pine Cove – Woods. Lately, I have seen many marriages end and many families broken, which absolutely break my heart. In all honesty, marriages ARE NOT easy. Being a parent DOES NOT come natural. It ALL takes hard work, but the payoff is priceless!

First, we need to acknowledge that your spouse or your child is NEVER the enemy. I encourage you to look at your family members, smile and say, “You are not my enemy!” You’re not alone either. I think we forget this A LOT. As the verse say “REMEMBER THE LORD.” Temptation is natural, but we must rest in the Lord. He’s sovereign (meaning He is in complete and absolute control of every situation.) PRAY!

Things do not randomly happen to you – this is part of the fight. We must never settled, that is where the danger is. Know your weak areas – don’t be prideful. Note: it is not just about us. Other people in your family may be struggling. Be vigilant and help CARRY each other’s burdens. This is what makes a strong family! A family that fights together stays together. Even greater is a family that FORGIVES each other, for they will become STRONGER!

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