Dancing with the Rockettes

I was invited to workout with the Radio City Rockettes, hosted by Pfizer – the makers of Caltrate® and Centrum®. We literally went backstage into the REAL workout rooms the Rockettes use. We started to dance, where the Rockettes taught us the famous Wooden Soldier. You do this by moving your hips while never bending your knees with your arms straight by your side. It’s a great gluteus maximus workout!

Photo from ClassyMommy.com

We also learned how they fan kick. In order to feel stable, the Rockettes “feel the fabric,” which is where you lightly brush the person back standing next to you BUT not actually touching them. The left hand goes on the next woman’s lower back, and the right arm on the next woman’s upper back, giving the illusion of locked arms. Now began these leg kicks! The Rockettes use the term kicking “Eye High” for what they do – truly they are physically amazing!

Photo from ClassyMommy.com

After the dancing we learned more about the Rockettes.

  • The height of a Rockette ranges from 5’6″ to 5’10.”  They give the illusion of them being the same height by putting the tallest Rockettes in the middle and the shortest on the end.
  • Every Radio City Rockettes has to tryout every year.
  • All Rockettes wear 2.5 inch heels.
  • They are expected to kick 300 kicks per show.
  • They rehearse from 10AM to 5PM six days a week beginning in September for their Radio City Christmas Spectacular. That’s a lot of kicking!

It was a dream come true to dance with the Rockettes. It was also fun to know that I had one qualification of a Rockette. I am tall enough to be one. 😉

Thank you to Pfizer the makers of Caltrate® and Centrum® for sponsoring the event.  “Feeling Young” is so important as you get older.  Stay active, eat right and care for your body by taking a multivitamin and calcium.


  1. I’ve been soldier marching for all of my friends since sunday. LOL. It was a seriously awesome experience.

  2. So great to meet you! xoxo

  3. Thank you for giving me another perspective of a day I never want to forget!

  4. It was great seeing all us bloggers rehearse to be Rockettes. What a great event 🙂 Memories!

  5. Wow – 300 “eye-high” kicks per show. That’s beyond impressive, that’s astounding! Thanks for sharing this fun look behind-the-scenes.

  6. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I loved it, and so glad I ran into you there!

  7. I’m wishing I could do this exercise every day to have tight glutes 😉

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