Joseph Nogucci Beautifully Crafts Bracelets

Joseph Nogucci IRISDisclosure: Joseph Nogucci provided me with an IRIS bracelet. All opinions are mine and may not reflect those of the company. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” All photos are mine and subject to copyright.

The holidays are approaching quickly and I’m sure you’re making your list and checking it twice! But don’t forget YOUR wish list! You work hard and deserve something shiny and sparkly for the holidays.Joseph Nogucci

Meet Joseph Nogucci Jewelry: makers of beautiful designer bracelets and IRIS signature glass beads and charms that are unique, high-quality and affordable! This jewelry really allows you to see your individual style shine. Joseph Nogucci beads are hand crafted blown glass for brilliant shine and beauty. These bracelets are strung on either a silver-plated European clasp or genuine leather double-wrap bracelet.

Voyage to NOVICA for Artisan Treasures

Disclosure: NOVICA provided me with a gift certificate to facilitate this post. I spent a little more of my own money since it is for a great cause. This post was not reviewed by a 3rd party. All opinions are mine and may not reflect those of the company. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” All photos are mine and subject to copyright.

Welcome to The NOVICA Nation!
A Nation of artists throughout the world —
a village of carvers in Bali;
a family of ceramists in Brazil who have handed down their craft
from generation to generation;
a farmer in the Andes who hand-weaves alpaca sweaters.
It is a community of artists who have been isolated
for centuries by distance, time, and geography —
isolated from the very community of collectors seeking
their unique, inspired, and undiscovered arts and crafts.
Now, finally, there is a bridge connecting our separate
communities into one worldwide nation —
this is The NOVICA Nation.
A nation of people inspired by the arts and
empowered by the Internet.
We are all members.

It is no secret to those who have meet my son. He LOVES sloths – like loves so much that he behaves like one (not knowingly.) When I began searching thought NOVICA’s curation, I was happily surprise to find the “Quirky Sloth” necklace. I just had to buy it. There is a beautiful Opal stone in the necklace from the Andes region. The pale coloring was so beautiful, that I began searching for it. Fortunately, NOVICA had the perfect earrings to go with the “Quicky Sloth,” called the “Hold Me.” Fitting name, don’t you think?! Everything arrives in a very timely manner, beautifully wrapped and well-made.
IMG_4291 An enclosed card told the story of each artisan, and this makes for a more personal shopping experience. I also LOVE that this is a free trade store, allowing artisans to earn more for their creations than they could if there was a middle-man, such as a wholesaler or retailer.
IMG_4300 NOVICA unites you with more than 2,000 extraordinary master artists around the world, offering them a fair price for their work. Every item you purchase directly benefits an artisan and their family, bringing sustainable income to distant communities worldwide.

You can find “like” more of their treasures on their Facebook page and follow their journey on Twitter.

Nikki Reed Bejewels 7 of All Mankind

IMG_3638Born into a family full of creatives, Nikki Reed is no different, as she’s acted in films like The Twilight Saga, started designing jewelry and sings with her husband, Paul McDonald. Now, she is partnered with 7 For All Mankind to design limited edition jewelry that was inspired by her grandmother’s kitchen tiles.

Nikki Reed has create a five-piece capsule collection of her Mattlin Era jewels, inspired by 7 For All Mankind’s spring collection. “When they asked me design a line for them, it was an organic match as I wear denim all the time,” Reed told me. “It has always been hard for me to find a necklace that would complement my denim shirts, so I designed ‘Starry Knight‘, which reflects my music and my love for jewelry.”
nikkireed Nikki Reed could not be more beautiful and humble at the same time. It was a pleasure meeting her, and I was even more amazed by the fact that ALL of the 7FAM x Nikki Reed collection is under $100.

Te Amo Mami de Uno de 50

Looking for an original present for Mother’s Day? What about a piece of jewelry or a handcrafted gift? Spanish jewelry maker Uno de 50 has a whole range of ideas for this very special occasion: leather bracelets, silver-plated metal rings, necklaces set with coloured stones. Uno de 50 was founded 15 years ago and takes its name from a desire by its creators to produce only limited edition collections.
IMG_3101 Uno de 50‘s collection takes its inspiration from contemporary life and the everyday details of the natural world. This affordable luxury collection makes layering of many styles and pieces a fashion-must-do.

Stop by Galleria Dallas today to pick out a unique gift for your Mom! For more pictures from my trip to Uno de 50, check out my Google+ album here.

Christina Cunali Collection Lands in US

Brazilian jewelry designer Christina Cunali is making her way to the states via Dallas just in time for spring!
IMG_1791 Designer Christina Cunali, a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, began studying the art of jewelry design in 1989 in Lisbon, Portugal.  Apprenticing with designers in Lisbon, New York, and Italy, Cunali quickly developed her definitive style, which seamlessly integrates themes of eastern philosophy and religion in her handmade pieces of pure silver and gold, fused-metals, and precious stones.
ChristinaCunali With warm weather on its way and Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Christina Cunali Collection is the perfect accessory for your spring and summer attire. The current line features “Couture Stones”, hand-crafted bands and earrings featuring one-of-a-kind precious stones. Custom pieces are available by request. A “Kirtan” Collection of 24-karat gold and sterling silver with a “Metallic Collection” featuring precious metal designs. Write your way through spring with the “Poetry” & “Seasons” Collections of nature inspired metals featuring birds, butterflies, floral, leaves, and more.
ChristinaCunaliCollection The jewelry offers beautiful and distinct pieces in a mixture of metals, shapes and stones that can be worn anytime, anywhere. All pieces from the Christina Cunali collection is handmade in Brazil, and incorporated sterling silver and 24-karat gold-filled findings with precious stones.