5 Things To Do Before a Conference

BFAPy84CAAAlNbQIf you’re attending a convention or a conference over the next couple of months, you might want to prepare and set some goals to accomplish.

1. RESEARCH. Check the agenda for the conference. Highlight sessions that you don’t want to miss. Start following the hashtag for the event. Follow the people who you have started a conversation with online. Also, see who will be sponsoring the event. Start connecting with these brands before the event. Finally, make a list of people that you’d like to meet. Visit their blogs and read what is happening in their lives. This is great to know, so you have a conversation starter. Lastly, if possible, start saying hello to people on their twitter and Google+ streams.

2. PREPARE. Write a few of your best posts that really represent your mission statement for your blog leading up to conference. The likelihood of someone reading your blog right before or during the conference is high. This will also help you when sharing your “elevator pitch.” Consider making a video and telling the world who you are. It is easier for someone to know who you are in action than by a static twitter avatar. 😉 If you are live blogging, prepare ahead of time. Check all your gear that your are taking like tablets (charged), camera gear (charged & all-together), etc. Backup your laptop before you travel. Spend some quality time with your family before you leave for the conference. They are your BIGGEST fans!

3. PROMOTE. Order updated business cards. Make sure your name is BIG, and also make sure the preferred means of communication is FIRST. Make sure it is very clearly defined what you do or write about on your card. Make sure you are sharing with your followers that you are attending the conference by stating in an update or using the event hashtag and connecting with others. Practice, practice, practice how you will define what you do to others. (Believe in yourself!)

4. PACK. After checking out agenda, pack accordingly. Always bring a sweater or jacket. Conference rooms can sometimes be chilly. If you are sharing a room with someone, remember not to pack too much, so they have space in the room. Don’t forget those nice business cards that you just bought. Consider an extra batteries or power supplies you might want to have on hand.

5. BREATHE. This is the most important one. Don’t worry if you forget something. Don’t stress if you didn’t meet someone. Just take a deep breathe and do all that you can do. You are not required to go to ALL the sessions, parties or meet-ups. There are other opportunities to connect with someone or some brand. Thanks to ALL the social networks. 🙂

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