When Life Comes at You Fast

Last August, I could not have written or planned about the life-changes that would happen to me. First, my hubby gets a call from a company with a job opening in Texas. To make a long story short, he accepts a job in Richardson, Texas and will be starting in October. The same morning that he accepts a job, a close and dear friend of mine is also having a life-changing moment. Her 3-year-old son, Aaron, is rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where he is later diagnosed with a rare-bone cancer. As quickly as I was excited to move back to Texas, I became gravely saddened by this news.

As I was sitting with Aaron’s mom waiting for one of his many tests, we talked about being a mommy and planning for your children. As mommies, the day we get the news from the doctor that we are carrying a baby, you start planning AND worrying. You start thinking about how you will decorate the nursery. You ask yourself if your current car fits a newborn. You might even be like me and set up the baby’s college fund. As a mommy, you also worry. “Am I eating the right food during pregnancy or is the baby eating ‘Super Foods’?” “Are the toys educational enough?” You might even stay away from ALL kids during RSV season. (I confess – this is me. I am sorry to all my friends who did not see me from November to March.)

All this being said, you cannot always plan for everything. My mind know this, but when an event comes to me unexpectedly, my heart is in shock. When I heard the news of Aaron, I did not know what to do or why this was happening. Aaron’s mom, like me, is very involved in Aaron’s life. She researches about what toys are good, what foods to eat and what vaccines Aaron should have. I know this because we would be on the phone researching together early in the morning and late into the night:-) But, cancer is a whole different galaxy – an unknown. Who has a savings account for cancer? I have admired how Aaron’s family have pulled together at this time of great tragedy. They have fully trusted in God physically, emotionally AND financially. What I have learned from them is when the unknown presents itself to you – all anyone can do is TRUST God. “For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart and knows all things.” 1 John 3:20 He knows the unknown – our health, our finances, our future. In the end, planning is great because it gives you hope, but when life comes at you fast, remember God – He gives peace (Ps 29:11)!

***If you’d like to help Aaron and his family during their journey, a trust is set up at Bank of America under Aaron D. Robinson Medical Fund. The account number is 457011740339. Your donation will be tax-deductible :-)***


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