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What to Pack in Your Carry On

CarryOnBagSince I began traveling for business four years ago, I have flown a lot around the world. I learn something each time I travel, like what I should have packed and what wasn’t necessary. Now with airlines charging fees for checked baggage and some even charge for carry ons, being prepared with the in-flight must haves will help you fly well. Here are some essentials that make it into my carry on every time!

First “Valuable” Class
I always make sure to have my most valued possessions with me in my carry on – just in case my checked luggage “goes to another destination.” 😉 My Canon 4Ti camera, Acer Aspire Intel Switch 10 Intel 2 in 1 and a change of clothes are non-negotiable. Sometimes, I have my laptop for conferences, but fortunately, I do not always need it, thanks to services like Evernote and DropBox.CarryOnInside

Business “Beauty” Class
My Henri Bendel Folding Cosmetic Bag is my lifesaver. It is compact and when opened, the TSA can see what is inside, without removing the content. I usually fly without makeup and apply it on about 30 minutes before we land or in the airport bathroom. There is nothing like feeling fresh when you land for your next adventure.

  • Makeup wipes
  • Moisturizing lip balm
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Concealer
  • Hand sanitizer

Economy “Entertainment” Class
I try to pack a book or download one to my Kindle app on my Acer Intel 2 in 1, but to be honest, I hardly ever get to read it. I love in-flight movies or playing solitaire. However, I always make sure to always pack my Moleskine Evernote notebook and pen for those moments of inspiration. I find I’m my most creative when my head is “in the clouds” and make the most of those “daydreams.”

What can you NOT live without as you travel? Please share below!

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