What is Social Engagement?

socialengagementAccording to Merriam-Webster, “engagement” is defined as “an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place.” The place is social networks. Just because you have an account on one or more social networks, it does not mean that you are engaging. It’s not easy, but as long as you see the big picture, you can engage online successfully.

1. Sketch out a quarterly editorial plan that involves a calendar of events and actual reporting around the big dates in your marketing cycle.

2. Don’t post rehashed press releases on your Timeline. Actually DON’T share your press releases on social networks. Show clever creative!

3. Get your fans involved by giving your fans a platform to share. It builds interest and loyalty.

4. Inspire your fans to think BIG. This is a collaborative effort. Get their input.

5. Celebrate your heritage. Fans are nostalgic by nature. They want to know more about your history.

Have fun & entertain your fans, and you will have brand advocates for a lifetime!

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