Stories of My Life: Passing on a Legacy

This is the fourth post of my STORIES OF MY LIFE series. There is something special about visiting your grandparents house or maybe even your great-grandparents. The smells of home-cooking. The rows of books that have been passed down. The musky smell of their furniture. Even though my grandparents have passed away, it doesn’t mean that their legacy has. I have been intentional on telling stories to my kids of generations of the past. Here I share some ideas on how to pass on the legacy to future generations.StoriesofMyLifeLegacy The Legacy of Memories
Take pictures and record videos as soon as your kids are born with your grandparents and your parents. Share these memories to your kids. Be curious, and ask questions about your grandparents and parents days as a child. How has things changed for them? Listen. Share these stories about their life. These stories let your kids know about who they are and who their grandparents and great-grandparents were. They create a sense of history and heritage. Even if your kids don’t fully appreciate your stories now, it’s likely they will later in life, and thus creates that legacy of memories. Here’s a video of my daughter with her great-parents. Today is my granddaddy’s (my daughter’s great-grandfather’s birthday!)

The Legacy of a Name
In this video, my daughter is with her namesake, my grandmother Polly JEANNE Lewis. We chose this middle name for our daughter because my grandmother played a very important role in my life and on the woman that I have become. My grandmother prayed for me, as soon as I was born and until her last breath. She was the picture of a woman of God. She loved me. She spoiled me. She taught me what a wife was to be and how to be a mother. In honor of her life, we chose her middle name, which is actually the name she went by. I loved hearing from my grandmother why her mother gave her that middle name and why it was spelt that way. This story is one that I have told me daughter, and it is my prayer that she will tell hers. There is power in a name, and we pass the legacy of my grandmother through this name for my daughter.

Family is powerful! Sharing stories about your kid’s family will make a lifelong difference! Never underestimate the power of familial love! Here’s another video of my family meeting my firstborn at the hospital.

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  1. You are so lucky to have such great memories preserved! Thanks for letting me peek into your life.

  2. This is so sweet. I just love the videos. Your children will certainly cherish these memories and the passing on of stories. My parents and grandparents did a good job of passing on that legacy as well and I am so thankful. 🙂

  3. So true, my friend. A great reminder to capture all the moments you can!!

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