San Antonio Botanical Gardens Provides Backdrop for Photo Walk

SanAntonioBotanticalGarden The San Antonio Convention and Visitor’s Bureau invited my family to spend a day exploring the San Antonio Botanical Garden. This gorgeous little gem in San Antonio provides a perfect refuge for your family to go on a photo walk and learn about botany and nature at the same time.
PhotoWalkEveryone has different visions. Some of us are more interested in details while others have wide angle vision. As a parent, it is great to learn about your child through a photo walk. So, what exactly is a photo walk? You take yourself and a camera to a designated meeting place with a group of other photographers, then venture out into an area and snap away! Walk around taking pictures for a couple of hours, then compare, share, discuss and have a good time as a family. Here are some of my pictures from the photo walk.
IMG_4609 IMG_4622 IMG_4631 IMG_4659Here are some of my kids pictures from the photo walk.IMG_4590IMG_4598IMG_4651IMG_4674 Isn’t it amazing to see how my kids and I view the world, where our eyes are focused and what we want to capture for a lifetime?! What was great about a photo walk at the San Antonio Botanical Garden was seeing what interested each one of us. We talked about why this picture was important  and what we learned about the gardens. It was amazing to see things in ways I hadn’t noticed and to see what plants our favorite foods and drinks grew from. In the end, the San Antonio Botanical Gardens is something that should not be ignored, as there is always something new that you will discover when you visit.

For more pictures from our photo walk, click here on my Google+ album.

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