Roberto Felisati: "Naturally Different"

If you’re looking for something special and a break from the usual routine of highlights and foils, then treat your hair to one of several new color techniques from Roberto Felisati Italian Hairstyle.


I was fortunate to have THE Roberto Felisati do my hair. He is truly an Italian artist, strong on the Italian. (He is learning English quickly though.) He recommended the Shatush, where hair is back-combed, and color (organic, yay!) is placed on the loose ends, resulting in a natural and impressive finish that prevents re-growth looking too obvious for longer. The process is one-of-a-kind.


The Shatush treatment was a quicker job altogether, with no foils and a much better finish – could this be the way forward for color? I think so! “Different” is the word to describe Roberto Felisati’s haircut techinique, but after my haircut, my hair moves more naturally making it easy to style at home. The chic Roberto Felisati Italian Hairstyle hosts über comfy chairs and modern furnishing transporting you to a European salon.

Roberto Felisati
4023 Oak Lawn Ave
Highland Park, Texas

Disclosure: Roberto Felisati Italian Hairstyle provided me with the services above. These are my opinions.


  1. They did an amazing job. Your hair looks fabulous! I may have to try their color out…

  2. Thank you! I love how the color is growing out – very low maintenance 🙂

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