REVIEW: PlumLife

Do you consider yourself not just busy but aÜBER busy family? From day planners to wall calendars to computerized scheduling systems, nothing seemed to completely meet all of my family’s needs. Trying to remember to put appointments in all three places? Not happening so much.

PlumLife is a web tool that does it all – manages, schedules, and communicates – in one tool and in one place. It’s a smart calendar that has been designed to make your life better. It allows you to add appointments to your family calendar right from the doctor or dentist office via your mobile phone – and see them from your family’s computer when you get home. It can synchronize with your spouse’s devices (if needed), your sitter’s devices, your neighbor – whomever you wish to include in your daily life. Shopping lists that you create while at home or work can be sent to your mobile phone, so you can check items off from the grocery store.

One thing that truly sets PlumLife apart from other scheduling systems that I’ve tried is the color-coded way that it separates out everyone in the family’s activities. The benefit of this type of organization is that only people involved with my kids’ schedule will see those tasks and what’s going on in their life…and only people involved in my work stuff will see what’s going on in that part of my life, etc.  I also can track when our family’s monthly bills are due on the same calendar as well.

Set up a free account at by using promotion code: PLUMLIFE5, and let me know what you think.


  1. Tia Gannon says:

    Hi Real Posh Mom,
    Thank you for your review of PlumLife. It is a great tool to simplify and organize your life- and who doesn’t want that?

    The PlumLife Team

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