Artist Moms Leave Remnants at Janette Kennedy Gallery

Presenting “Remnant,” a show of new work by Dallas-based Artists Erika Jaeggli and Sonali Khatti. A remnant is the part that is left behind after the greater part has been used, removed or destroyed. This idea is as applicable to fabric as it is to landscape and the passage of time. This exhibit will explore the concept of the remnant both literally and figuratively.
IMG_3379 The exhibit is entitled “Remnant” because their art includes remnants of mixed media. Jaeggli and Khatti are both mixed-media artists who work with actual and metaphorical remnants. Khatti embeds remnants of fabric and uses photos from her own past as reference. Jaeggli paints allegorical landscapes using remnants of newspapers as her canvas and uses trees as metaphors for the human condition. They will be unified by the theme of the “Remnant,” giving viewers an accessible starting point from which to discuss both artists’ work individually and as a group. Exhibition runs through Sunday, May 12, 2013, Mother’s Day.

Erika Jaeggli

Sonali Khatti

What struck about these ladies was how they balance their art career while being mother’s of two to three grade school kids. As soon as their kids started school, these ladies knew they were meant to do something more – and they turned to their passion and expression of art. What a great message to all the moms out there, especially around Mother’s Day. With the support of the husbands and children, these artists have created a collection of art that express who they are and leave a part of themselves, a remnant, for all the world to see.

The artists are proudly partnering with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center with aportion of the sales will be donated to DCAC.

Janette Kennedy Gallery
South Side on Lamar
1409 South Lamar St.
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