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Get fired up! Summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, friends and fine food all at once, and grilling is what helps bring them together. The grill has held an important place in virtually every country and culture throughout history. In our busy, modern lives, grilling celebrates the delightful simplicity and naturally bold flavors of foods and allows us to explore flavors of the world without leaving our own backyards.

The appropriate heat level, cooking time and marinade are crucial for grilling meat and chicken that is tender and juicy.

    • Use direct heat for sausages, chops, steaks and hamburgers.
    • Slash the edges of steaks and chops on the diagonal, about ¼ inch into the center to prevent the edges from curling.
    • Resist the urge to squeeze or press down on your meat! This will result in a tougher, less juicy cut.
    • Rib eye is excellent on the grill because of its marbling and ability to hold up to strong flavors in spice rubs and marinades. In Texas, we love using barbecue sauce, and currently my family’s favorite sauce comes from Better Than Good BBQ Sauce, found at Central Market and other HEB stores. They also have great cuts of meat.


    • When grilling with a marinade, I highly suggest soaking in your sauce for at least 30 minutes before grilling, if not overnight to really grab its flavor.
    • Thin pieces of poultry can be cooked over direct heat; larger pieces of chicken should be cooked over indirect heat.
    • Cook whole and butterflied chicken breast-side down.


  • Turning the pieces every 2-5 minutes and rotating pieces around the grill can help ensure even cooking. Braise or brush the BBQ sauce like Central Market’s Thai One On as you do this. It has a mild heat and “thai’d” together flavors of the chicken and the spices for a perfect grilling treat for the whole family.

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