Pairing Drinks with Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone has their favorite Girl Scouts cookies, whether it’s the classic Thin Mint, the peanut buttery Tagalongs or some fresh tasting Savannah Smiles. It is this time of the year where we are greeted with a smile from their sweet girls in front of the grocery store asking if we’d like a box of cookie.

Selecting a beverage whose qualities complement Girl Scouts cookies can kick up subtle elements of flavor that you didn’t even know existed. But how do you get started? The trick is in identifying the key flavors in the cookie and pairing it with those in your beverage. This can take some practice, but to get you started, here are the Girl Scouts cookies and drink pairings that I highly recommend.

Hot Tea and Savannah Smiles

Hot Chocolate and Trefoils



Dulce De Leche

Thank U Berry Munch


Thin Mints

What drink and cookie pairing do you like?


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