Partners Card – Posh Mom Edition

Today is the first day to you can take advantage of the Partners Card. If you have not purchased one yet, it is not too late to buy from a participating retailer and restaurants. After looking at the my card, I’ve been planning the best way for me to get the most use out of my […]


My Endless Feast

I’m a staunch supporter of buying local. I buy organic and try to stop by the local farmers market when I can (not as much as I’d like.) I made all my kiddos’ baby food because I wanted to know what was going into their body. I even go so far to try to dine only at […]


The Very Hungry Caterpillars

My daughter loves butterflies. I decided that her first introduction to science observation would be the Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore. My Kindergarten scientist would have firsthand experience observing and studying the lifecycle of a butterfly in her own lab…her home. I found the kit on The kit comes with a coupon to redeem at […]


10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Social Media


Twitter, Facebook and other social networking venues work to engage readers, drive your popularity and increase your sales. When it comes to building an audience and driving traffic, bloggers are turning to social media with record results. Instead of relying on organic search, successful bloggers know they have to develop a following on key social networks […]


Our Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Picks


Education is very important to my husband and I. This fall, I’m setting off to a new adventure, I will be homeschooling my first-born, who is entering kindergarten. I’m excited and nervous about our upcoming year, and I think it’s going to be a memory maker! I’ve been researching and attending conventions preparing for this […]


Not In Vain

A friend, Rick Orci, posted a question recently: “Anyone taken a year off to find themselves or some such equivalent? If so, what did you find/learn?” My answer was easy – YES! Unfortunately, I could not write my answer in 140 characters or less, so here I am blogging about those lessons. 😉 I hope this […]


Room to Grow

I cannot help but blog about a conversation at the breakfast table this morning between my hubby and me. First, let me just say it is amazing how differently men and women look at the world and all our responsibilities. Our family might be in the situation where we will receive an increase of cash […]


Honest Scrap Award

I received the honor of being given the “Honest Scrap” weeks ago from Carrie Anne (@cbadov) at Another day, another thought. She is an avid blogger, and I only wish I could be as dedicated. So as recipient of this honesty award, I now need to tell you 10 truths about me: I don’t like […]


House of Buxton

As I type this post, I hear the washer and dryer cleaning and drying clothes. I’ve always wondered how 2 little people could increase my laundry duties by ten-fold. Laundry before kiddos was so different – it was an activity that I might do while I watch a movie. Now, it is a all-day or […]


Happy Good People Day 2009

Recently, as a hobby away from the kiddos, I have been exploring social media. On my journey, I came across a dynamic Internet celebrity named Gary Vaynerchuck. Today for the second year, Gary is dedicating this day to praising the people that are awesome and good – the people that have helped you become who […]


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