Kate Somerville Renews Restores & Delivers

Today is not just May 1, but it also the first day you can buy youth in a bottle also known as “DermalQuench Liquid Lift” at Neiman Marcus. Before I get ahead of myself, let me first introduce you to Kate Somerville. I had the honored to meet her last week at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend, and now I am one of her biggest fans! With over 20 years of skin health experience, Kate Somerville known as the “aesthetician to the stars.” By partnering early on with top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Kate pioneered the integration of skincare and medicine, paving the way for the field of paramedical esthetics and laying the foundation for the bourgeoning medi-spa industry.

Kate Somerville put herself on the cosmetic map when she introduced Exfolikate. Exfolikate is so effective because it contains a physical exfoliant—tiny round spheres lift the dead skin—and enzymes, which dissolve the top layer of skin gently so anyone can use it, even sensitive skin. Remember that you need to exfoliate twice a week.
Back to groundbreaking launch of DermalQuench Liquid Lift, I haven’t seen anything like it in the twenty-something years of using skincare products. Because oxygen is carrying the hyaluronic acid to the skin, the hydration goes deeper. Visible lifting and wrinkle reduction is immediate. Just look at the before and afters! Long-term and brown spots and acne scars disappear, and fewer breakouts occur. And because it’s oil-free, any skin type can use it. For this reason I recommend you head to Neiman’s quickly, as they may run out of stock! 
The science behind Kate Somerville mixed with the natural aromatic smells from her products, I highly recommend you try her skincare line. What a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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