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How to Celebrate National Boba Day!

Here’s a unique way to celebrate all things boba and get ready for National Boba Day on April 30! I know that our Boba fans will be ecstatic.

Boba Origin is your one-stop-shop for boba accessories that complement this popular beverage. Why just drink boba when you have your own boba plushie and candle? The brand’s items are oh-so-cute!

How Do You Boba?

The boba phenomenon has reached new levels. Boba (a.k.a. Bubble Tea, Milk Tea) has captured the taste buds of people around the world. So much so that there’s even a National Boba Day on April 30.

No global food craze would be complete without the adorable accessories to go along with it.

Meet Boba Origin, the all things boba brand you’ll love getting to know. The brand makes truly unique boba products with originality and function combined.

The delicious beverage originated in Taiwan but has now found the hearts of millions who simply can’t live without it. It’s as popular lately as your local coffeehouse with so many flavors. Now, enthusiasts can take that love one step further with the following items that are must-haves for any true boba aficionado!

World’s First Reversible Boba Plush
It’s the cutest, softest, and most versatile boba plush with a secret zipper pouch. Flip this boba over to angry mode to let others know to not bother you. Your significant other do something cute? Easily flip it to the happy side. Whether this little guy is used to store items or as a mini cushion pillow, this blushing plushie is the perfect gift for any boba lover. This little boba companion is made with premium plush material for an incredibly soft, cloud-like touch perfect to sleep with.

3:15 Milk Tea
Individual milk tea bags with real tea leaves. Each box contains 5 individually wrapped 20 grams (so total of 100 grams of milk powder and ground tea leaves) of instant brown sugar milk-tea. Add a dash of whole milk to make it creamier.

Boba Candle
4 ounces of brown-sugar milk tea 100% soy wax to make your room smell like boba. Made with 100% premium soy melts, a biodegradable and natural resource that cleans up with just plain old soap and water. Custom mixed and created for the perfect milk tea scent. Mixed, hand-poured, and packaged in Baltimore, Maryland

Available on, Amazon, and Etsy.

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