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Holiday Showcase: Crayola

Are you raising the next Pablo Picasso or Banksy? Then, look no further than Crayola for your hliday shopping! From, painting to digital art to spray painting your mark, Crayola has brought their signature line to the holidays. First, watch the Color Wonder Light Up Paint Palette ignite children’s creativity as the palette changes color depending on what mess-free clear paint is selected. As your kids are letting their imagination run wild, parents will appreciate that the mess-free Color Wonder paint only appears on the special Color Wonder paper and not on anything else.

Next, kids can now experience digital art on the iPad with Crayola’s DigiTools! Crayola’s DigiTools are sleek, stylish instruments that allow kids to unleash their imagination and produce colorful designs in iconic Crayola colors with amazing effects, including 3-D and airbrush. Each DigiTools pack includes the instruments to create dazzling digital effects, along with an app download that provides pages of virtual background scenes and starter designs so kids can express without the mess. When kids are done creating, they can save their artwork in their own virtual gallery, email, print or upload them to Facebook (mom’s account, of course!). 
Kids love to create with markers, but Crayola takes it up a notch with a cool new effects this holiday season. Crayola’s Marker Airbrush lets kids create professional-looking airbrush effects on a variety of different surfaces, including paper, fabric and windows. The Marker Airbrush works with a simple hand pump. Kids simply attach any Crayola broadline marker, pump it up, and they are ready to spray away! From creating airbrushed masterpieces on paper to personalizing clothing, the Marker Airbrush is sure to be a hit with kids this holiday!

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