Happy 4th of July!

I can’t believe it’s already the 4th of July. It’s a day to have a BBQ and gather with friends and family to celebrate the many freedoms we have.IMG_2892 If you are having company, make it easy and serve hamburgers and hotdogs. Delegate chips, pasta salad and juice boxes for the kids when friends ask what to bring. Some good ideas for burger toppings are bacon, guacamole, salsa, blue cheese crumbles and your basics. Homemade ice cream goes a long way in fun and entertainment, as well as, a yummy dessert. You can trade out your burger toppings for ice cream toppings. Some of my favorites are crushed Oreos, toffee bits, whipped cream, fresh fruit and sprinkles. Entertaining friends should not be synonymous with stress. Always, always keep it simple and remember your friends come over for your company, not your food.

Whether you go boating with family and friends or have a BBQ and watch the fireworks light up the sky, take a moment to be grateful for those who have afforded us the luxury of freedom to spend this day however we choose.

Happy 4th of July from my family to yours!

Our thanks to you for all you do
Defending our flag the red, white and blue

As Americans, we know what freedom means
The joy, the peace and the right to dream

Freedom we love, but it is not free
The sacrafice is great and you give willingly

Our thoughts and prayers are with you today
As you fight for our freedom so far away

May God keep you safe in all that you do
And bring you back home to those who love you

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