Hair Fairies Takes the Lousy Out of Lice

Have you kids ever had lice? If so, you know the hours that it takes to delouse your child and your home, as I have mentioned here. Let me introduce you to the Hair Fairies, the nation’s largest network of salons to eliminate head lice. Their treatments are the safe solution for frantic families because they use ONLY USDA organic-certified products and avoids harsh chemicals. Their trained technicians take the worry and responsibility for quick results out of the hands of harried parents.

I can tell you that nothing about head lice is good, but thank goodness for places like Hair Fairies to ease the discomfort. The experienced technicians make the process less intimidating and get the job done. Hair Fairies has a high success rate because they have a three-step process proven over more than a decade. They evaluate the stage of infestation, physically “nit-pick” the active lice and eggs from the head and provide treatment to condition the scalp and discourage immediate re-infestation.

Opening today at The Shops at Park Lane, the Dallas salon joins those in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Fairfield, Conn. To celebrate its arrival in Dallas, Hair Fairies will offer free in-salon and in-school screenings the entire month of January and February. In addition, Hair Fairies will donate 5% of revenue from new referrals back to any school recommending those in-salon treatments.

Note: Check with your insurance companies for partial payment of Hair Fairies treatments. 


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