Germany Celebrates 25 Years of German Reunification

ReaganBerlinWallOn June 12, 1987, US President Ronald Reagan cried, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Today 25 years ago, the world heard the wall fall in Berlin, and finally East and West Germany could experience unity and freedom. Since 1989, Germany has resumed its place at the heart of Europe, politically, economically and even geographically—reunification and the expansion of the European Union eastwards has seen Germany move from the eastern edge of Europe to its center.BerlinerMauerThe Wall, which was established by East Germany in 1961 and was roughly 96 miles long, split the already-divided country’s capital into West Berlin and East Berlin. After weeks of civil protests, the government of Eastern Germany opened up the partition on November 9, 1989, allowing residents to travel to the west side. The chipping away of the wall followed, but its actual demolition didn’t truly begin until the following year, just a few months before Germany would officially reunite.GermanChristmasMarketReunified Germany is still young, but traditions such as the famous Munich Oktoberfest and Christmas Markets are known the world over. Now is a perfect time to rediscover Germany or explore it for the first time – and statistics show that 70% of all first time visitors return. I know my family cannot not wait to return in 2015. Germany is rich in art and culture with the 500th anniversary of the birth of Lucas Cranach the Younger and when religious reformer Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. It is time to discover Germany barrier-free!MartinLuther

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