Finding Your Own Mr. Darcy

After the countless times of watch Pride & Prejudice with the Posh Girl, she prophesied that she’d one day marry a prince, have a big wedding and become a nice mommy with lots of children, I smiled. I was moved by the purity of her hope, and it made me think of the qualities of a man to fulfill a girl’s dream of marrying her own Mr. Darcy.
FindingMrDarcy.jpgYou have found your Mr. Darcy if he:

  • Has a good reputation because he’s proven himself to be a man of character and worth by his actions.
  • Protects your purity, as well as his own, by respecting boundaries. He knows that sex is a sacred act to be enjoyed only in marriage, and he appreciates your high standards.
  • Guards your heart, by making known his intentions to pursue you when the time is right. You will know where he stands.  He won’t lead you on by just “hanging out” with you for an extended period of time, enjoying the benefits of your company without accepting appropriate responsibility toward you.
  • Works hard.  He is a mature, responsible man with right priorities. Being a provider is not about making lots of money. It’s about a man meeting the basic needs of his wife and children.
  • Finds you attractive!  It’s important to have the “spark.”
  • Cherishes your inner beauty.  It is good for a man to marry a woman with the kind of loveliness that cannot fade.  He appreciates these qualities in you, and will encourage you verbally when he notices you acting with integrity, kindness and love.
  • Studies you.  He will find out what makes you tick and seek to understand you more fully over time.  He will notice what you enjoy and do little things from time-to-time just to make you smile.
I am fortunate that I found my Mr. Darcy, and I hope that you find yours. 🙂


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