Serious Sunscreen for Summer

During the summer, some of the places you’ll find posh moms are at the pool or laying by the beach.  For this reasonSmart Shield is at the top of the Must-Haves List for summer.
Smart Shield products absorb quickly into the skin, provide all-day protection and didn’t interfere with everyday activities. They offer a 30 SPF Sunscreen and an Oil-free Self Tanner. There products are eco-friendly without any harsh chemicals.
Smart Shield Sunscreen comes in a tube that easily pours out a thinner sunscreen.  By thinner, it is not as thick and pasty as some sunscreens are.  It rubs it in quickly and the best part – your hands aren’t oily! You can even use it on your face and not worry about it clogging pores and having a greasy face.  It was especially nice to use on your kids as it is safe to use on their faces and have confidence that it will protect their skin from UV rays. Also, being enriched with vitamins and aloe is a BIG plus!
If you avoid the sun, but you’d like the sun-kissed look. Smart Shield also offer the SPF 15 Self Tanner. Just like its sunscreen, it is very light and not oily. It is very easy to apply and gives you a natural color (NOT orange). It is absorbs quickly and even looks natural on your face.
Smart Shield is available for purchase on their website or many other beauty supply shops online for $12.99/bottle. They are also on Facebook & Twitter if you want to follow them there!
I’m giving one lucky reader the opportunity to WIN SPF 30 Sunscreen & SPF 15 Self Tanner. Simply enter your name in the comment section below, briefly describing the top item on your “summer must-haves” list.  The winner will be announced Friday, May 20.

Rid Yourself of Split Ends

I sat down with Jeff O’Neil, celebrity hair stylist and creative director at Lure Salon in West Village. If you haven’t sat in Jeff’s chair, you are missing out! Not only does he do amazing work with scissors, but he also is in-the-know about fashion, celebrities and HAIR PRODUCTS. He shared one tip with me that is sooo good that I have to pass it along to you.

If you have hair, you know what split ends are. Unfortunately they bring frizz and “flyways.” For maintenance, we usually go to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks to trim the damaged ends because it’s the only way to actually get rid of split ends. But, the best way to stop split ends is to prevent them. Jeff told me about a product that will minimize hair splitting – jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil, is a light wax extract from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinenesis. In its pure form, apply it to the ends of your hair BEFORE you get in the shower. Do your normal shower routine, but make sure you don’t have conditioner in your hair for too long. It actually softens the hair, and it can cause more damage to the hair. Jojoba oil can help prevent and fix split ends – posh mom tested & approved!

Facelogic: "Purely Affordable"

After watching Hilary Kennedy‘s Weekly Fashion Update featuring Facelogic, I thought I should check out this really “affordable” spa.

I was escorted to private room by Kelly Bertrand, a skincare therapist, where a zero gravity chair awaits. If you haven’t sat on one, oh my! Zero gravity chairs takes the pressure off of your lower back. I was absolutely amazed at not only the quality of the facial, but the various options based on your skin type that was offered with a price that is “purely affordable!” Cost is a common reason that prevents women from having regular facials.

Getting regular facials is actually one of the secrets to having healthy, youthful skin. Your skin cells renew every 28-30 days; therefore, in order for new skin to come to the surface, it’s important to have the old, dead layers of skin on your face removed. A great way to achieve this is by having regular facials or using a quality skin care product and exfoliate. Getting regular facials will help to promote healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Kelly recommended the Clarisonic for your home facial regime.

Did you know that you can become a member and receive a luxurious facial for $49 a month? I have received manicures and pedicures that cost twice as much!

Facelogic Highland Park
featured in CRAVE Dallas
4518 Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX  75225

Boho Influences Spring Trends

Last night PinkMemo hosted “The Front Row: Trend Event – Boho Chic” at Neiman Marcus’ flagship store in Downtown Dallas. Almost Famous meets Jane Austen is this Spring 2011 trend, where ruffles and lace join forces with sequins and shells for a fresh take on the sometimes over-played boho chic. PinkMemo described the Spring 2011 to be “brilliant coral, soothing white and tres chic stripes.”

I was definitely taken back by how much coral, tangerine and other shades of orange were being displayed. It was a refreshing contrast to this winter’s darker colors. I’m also excited to see the wide-leg pants coming back in style. The outfit to the left is a perfect picture of what you will be seeing this Spring when you dine at Parigi or stroll through the Dallas Art District. The white peasant top with black detailing winks at gypsy drab and the pants flirt with sea-nymph nautica to create a collection that never forgets its quiet sentiment towards natural beauty. 

As we’re enjoying these lovely 70 degree days, the Manolo Blahnik Tassel Flat Thong Sandal on the right retailing for $395 with its feminine flutter is my must have sandal this season and move into Summer. For you ladies who need something a little more “uplifting,” the wedge sandal is back and will go perfect with those wide-leg jeans or the white ruffle dress.

But, I have to say my heart fell in love with this gorgeous coral Michael Kors Skorpios Ring Tote retailing for $995. You can wear it cross shoulder for those busy days on the go, or you can wear it as an oversized arm accessory for those brunches with your girlfriends.

What trend will you be sporting this season?

Green is Golden!

As I watched the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, I was green with envy. Some of night’s best dressed moms opted for richly-hued emerald green gowns. Celebrities often talk about living green, and this time Hollywood’s moms seriously followed it by “GOING GREEN.”

Actress Angelina Jolie, who is mostly seen in black, this time sparkled in a sequined long-sleeved Versace emerald green gown.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones chose a green hue too. She wore a Monique Lhuillier forest green silk strapless gown adorned with a sweetheart-neckline.

Who do you think rocked Green Color in the most stunning way? Share your views in comment box below.

Drybar (Dallas’ First Blow Dry Bar) Is Coming Soon!

My hair has experienced this magic miles away in L.A., but I was disappointed that there was not a place like that here, even though local salons are adding blow dry options to their menu. I love blowouts, especially for moms when we need a pampering to remember that we ARE beautiful women under all these other hats we wear.
Let me explain this salon concept. Drybar is a hair salon that specializes solely in washing and blowing out hair. They offer a variety of blowouts such as the Mai Tai, which is messy & beachy; the Manhattan which is sleek & straight; and the Southern Comfort which provides lots of volume & soft curls.
You can buy these blowouts in a package or purchase just one for $35. They also offer add-ons like floaters (scalp massages) and hair shots (moisturizing hair treatments).
Dry Bar Blowout Styles
(Photos  from Drybar)     

Drybar is opening February 2011 at 4222 Oaklawn Ave, Dallas. To learn more about Drybar, click here

H&M Pops Into Dallas

So yesterday, I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting the “H&M Pop-up Shop” located at North Park Center where the old Express store was located across from Henri Bendel.  If you are unfamiliar with H&M, it is a Swedish clothing company that makes affordable, trendy, quality clothes for the whole family. 

For inquiring minds, the store is very small and just a “preview” store. The staff informed me that each month they will rotate out what they are previewing. Right now it’s just men and women – not kids yet! Most of the clothes are black, red and cream. The “Pop-Up Shop” will be open until Spring 2011. The real store will open Fall 2011. 

Happy Shopping!

Partners Card – Posh Mom Edition

Today is the first day to you can take advantage of the Partners Card. If you have not purchased one yet, it is not too late to buy from a participating retailer and restaurants. After looking at the my card, I’ve been planning the best way for me to get the most use out of my card. Here are a few suggested buys for this fall and upcoming winter season:

The 750+ amazing retailers, restaurants, hotels, and spas are listed on and 100% of your $60 card purchase serves the women, children and men clients of The Family Place. What are some of your suggestions of items or stores that I MUST stop by?

House of Buxton

As I type this post, I hear the washer and dryer cleaning and drying clothes. I’ve always wondered how 2 little people could increase my laundry duties by ten-fold. Laundry before kiddos was so different – it was an activity that I might do while I watch a movie. Now, it is a all-day or weekend activity, which made me wonder why.

Then, it hit me…my daughter wears a couple of outfits A DAY. She has her morning outfit, which she wears indoor as she watches cartoons and enjoys breakfast. This usually is a stylish t-shirt with leggings. Next, comes the outdoor wear. She insists that she does not want to “ruin” her other clothes while playing outside. This means she will want jeans, a plain t-shirt and a sweater or jacket depending on the temperature. Finally, after her afternoon nap, she likes to wear either her morning outfit or a new dressier one, so she could look nice when daddy gets home. At this time, she will include a barrette or cutesy hair accessory. Okay, now you see why I have piles of laundry just from one “posh” child. When should kiddos start doing laundry? Ha! 😉

* BTW, it is true when “they” say boys are low-maintenance. The only reason my boy will want a new outfit is when his current one is too dirty, and usually I’m the one insisting on changing it, so I do not have clean up after him 😉 *

My daughter’s wardrobe is not the only place where she has an opinion – SHOPPING! She is truly “my” daughter. For Easter this year, she picked out the outfits for all of us. I was looking for outfits that would not break the bank. After looking in department stores and other smaller boutiques, we stumbled into Children’s Place where she found the outfits. I wanted something to coordinate, but not entirely match. Voila! She picked out the dress and found her brother’s shirt within minutes. The cost was within reason, and the rest is history.
Yves Saint Laurent said it well, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” I do not want to crush her sense of style because of the burden of laundry. But, I cannot wait for her to start contributing to these duties 😉

The kiddos‘ outfits are from – the place where style and practicality meet!