5 Things to Do Post Conference

So, you’ve spent all the money to go to a conference. You’ve prepped by searching for the best sessions and choosing the perfect outfit. The week has arrived. You go, meet great people, hear awesome information and say your good-byes. The work doesn’t stop there. To continue the relationship and knowledge, there are a few things you should do post conference along with your laundry:

1. Say “Thank You!”
Personally thank everyone you’ve met and brands that reached out and connected with you. A handwritten note is my preference, but a sincere “It was great meeting you” tweet or email is the minimum requirement. Provide specifics and leave the door open for future contact.

2. Connect.
Make sure you have people’s business cards. Make sure you’re following everyone on Twitter (or are subscribed to their blog). This is how you’ll build your network over time. It’s important.

3. Present?
Is there something you’ve said at a conference that everyone is talking about it? Or is there something that was missing from the conference? This is where content creation needs to be explored. Consider applying to be a speaker or present on a panel next year at the conference on this topic or something similar. Don’t be afraid. People want to hear from you. One of the best ways to learn is to teach others.

4. Watch what you say.
There’s a chance you didn’t have a good experience. Use your words wisely about what you didn’t like, and for goodness sake, PROVIDE A SOLUTION. It’s OK to warn future attendees professionally about what to expect, but keep it professional. If you really didn’t like someone you met…with every ounce of your soul, don’t tell that person off online. It’s a mistake. Just don’t say anything at all. “Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.” Proverbs 29:11

5. Share your experience.
You learned a lot. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Blog about it. Talk about it to others. Encourage others to pursue the same opportunities. Use that experience to fuel you. Learn more, keep practicing, and you will succeed. Share your experience and others will succeed with you—and that’s what it’s all about.

How to Price and Value Your Services – BlogHer 2012

The veil is lifting for professional bloggers, as we’re starting to share more about how we attach value to our services. How to work with brands, with each other, with marketing agencies and with publishing platforms? Monica Barnett moderates a discussion with Amy Bradley-Hole, Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco, and Cecily Kellogg with their honest, balanced and fair view of what your services are worth, and how you can back that number up with cold, hard facts.

Avoid Analytics Overload: Google Analytics Tips – Blogher 2012

Google Analytics is a great tool for both new and veteran bloggers to really understand what people like about your site, as well as what is less engaging. However, most bloggers find it overwhelming just trying to set up an Analytics account, let alone interpreting the loads of web traffic stats that Google Analytics provides. This session was lead by Andrew Wilder and Keidra Chaney.

Strategic Content Development Across Multiple Media: Onstage, Onscreen and Online – Blogher 2012

What happens when four women stop being funny and start getting strategic? This session covered content strategy, from creation to distribution, and offered real world examples of how they’ve adapted their storytelling techniques for film, television, stand-up, theater, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more! Dr. Goddess moderated a conversation with Franchesca Ramsey, Issa Rae and Luvvie Ajayi. Technology changed the game in storytelling.

Blogging for the Love of It – BlogHer 2012

Some of the loudest voices on the internet tell you that you need to monetize, grow, get PR contacts and have a stronger media presence. Other loud voices are on either side of a partisan line, engaged in political gamesmanship and one-upmanship. But there are quieter voices in the blogosphere who have been raising their hand lately and reminding us all that they are here, and that their passion and devotion to personal expression is what the blogosphere has thrived on for over a decade: meet the bloggers who blog for the love of it.

Blogging provides immeasurable gifts that may never result in quantifiable “success metrics.” Success can mean living a higher quality of life because your blog simply means something to you and others. It makes you and your readers happy, makes you think, makes you feel. Bon Stewart moderated a conversation with Alexandra Rosas, Dorothy Snarker, and a room of bloggers who share the love.

BlogHer ’12 Agenda

Is BlogHer 2012 really THIS week?  I’ll be packing over the next few days and heading up to New York on Thursday.  As a first born, I have mapped out my tentative schedule. I have researched food, salons, shopping and speakers to make sure that I get the most out of my trip to New York and also BlogHer. This is my first time, and I don’t believe you can ever be too prepared. 😉

11:30AM Arrive in NYC
2PM StumbleUpon Walking Tour
6PM Lipsticks & High Heels Party
7PM Social Soiree
9PM The People’s Party (Official BH party)

7AM Rockette Workout (I’m really excited about this!)
8AM BlogHer Breakfast – I’m sure I’ll be hungry after my Rockette high kicks!
9AM Welcome
10:30AM Session One
11:15AM Geek Bar – Self-Hosted
11:45AM Lunch Keynote with Martha Stewart
1:15PM Session Two
4:45PM Voices of the Year Community Keynote
5:30PM National Restaurant Association Sponsored Event
7:30PM Hasbro Sponsored Event
9PM Sparklecorn (Official BH party) – Bring on the tiaras!

8:30AM BlogHer Breakfast
9AM Starbucks
11AM Session Five
12:15PM Lunch Keynote with Katie Couric
2PM Women as Change Agents special Keynote with Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock
3:15PM Session Six
5:15PM Closing Keynote
9PM Social Fiesta (Official BH party)
10:30 Cheeseburgher (Official BH party)

12PM Fly home back to my loving family

Somewhere in there I have to find time to connect with my friends and new friends.  I’ll also be attending several of the un-official off-site parties and events.  I feel very fortunate to be invited.  I don’t think I’ll sleep much.

What does your schedule look like?  Want to find me during BlogHer – be sure to send me a Tweet @RealPoshMom and I’ll do my best to find you.  If you won’t be there, and want to see what I’m up to –  you can follow my hashtag #PoshBlogHer.

Scheduled Tweets Done Right

Twitter provides an opportunity to mix structure and spontaneity in your business communication. Smart social marketers use both approaches, because they appeal to two very different types of Twitter users: information seekers (search for useful content) and engagers (interact & participate).
Scheduling tweets is a great way to deliver content to information seekers — but it can also facilitate engagement if handled properly. Don’t inundate people with scores of tweets over a short period of time. The number and frequency of scheduled tweets depends on your real-time tweeting activity. If you tweet a lot throughout the day, layering on more than one or two scheduled tweets could result in their being lost in the shuffle. Schedule tweets at times when you know your community is online and active. If you don’t know, schedule the same block of tweets at various times throughout the day and monitor retweets and replies.

Twitter doesn’t have to be too planned out, but a schedule will help you out!

What is Social Engagement?

socialengagementAccording to Merriam-Webster, “engagement” is defined as “an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place.” The place is social networks. Just because you have an account on one or more social networks, it does not mean that you are engaging. It’s not easy, but as long as you see the big picture, you can engage online successfully.

1. Sketch out a quarterly editorial plan that involves a calendar of events and actual reporting around the big dates in your marketing cycle.

2. Don’t post rehashed press releases on your Timeline. Actually DON’T share your press releases on social networks. Show clever creative!

3. Get your fans involved by giving your fans a platform to share. It builds interest and loyalty.

4. Inspire your fans to think BIG. This is a collaborative effort. Get their input.

5. Celebrate your heritage. Fans are nostalgic by nature. They want to know more about your history.

Have fun & entertain your fans, and you will have brand advocates for a lifetime!

State Your Mission

Every company has a mission. That goal you set out to accomplish, that message you want to spread. From your new marketing materials to the way your employees interact with your clients or customers, everything you do should stay true to your brand.

At its core, a mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company. It is an opportunity to define your blog at the most basic level. It should spell out who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It answers the fundamental question, “Who are we, and why do we exist?”

Having a mission statement ensures that you understand the core of your blog as an individual, as well as together with your team. It helps you establish a company direction.

According to Small Business Bonfire,

  • Mission statements guide your decision-making process, steering your blog toward its goals and objectives.
  • Mission statements keep you and all contributors on the same page, helping promote community and solidarity.
  • Mission statements help eliminate conflicts and disputes that are detrimental to growth and ultimately lead to failure.

At Your Tipping Point Online?

Do you feel stressed, overworked, unable to manage your time and priorities amid a daily deluge of messages, tweets, updates and e-mails?

No, this isn’t some corny infomercial for a new gadget solution. Instead I’d argue it’s just a pretty accurate guess of how nearly everyone feels about the online information overload they battle on any given day. I challenge you this holiday season when your plant closes or your guest arrive to your house to celebrate Christmas…unplug. Talk, play board games (NOT bored games or games that need a TV), make memories and leave a legacy to your family.
IMG_3909 Social media is suppose to make your life easier NOT remove you from those people who are right there in front of you. So, make your goal this holiday to declutter our social online lives and tend to our real ones with friends and family.