Got a Whole Lotta Love for Bread Zeppelin

Have you ever heard of a soup bowl? How about a salad bowl? If you haven’t, then you NEED to drive out to Irving and try Bread Zeppelin. From the first bite, your tastebuds will have fun with this fresh and fabulous elevated salad!

Wraps are cumbersome, and they fall apart.  Bread Zeppelin understand this, and they came up with the idea of the “zeppelin”: something with a rigid exterior but that was light – like a sub roll but not so bready, an effect they achieve by using Empire Baking Company baguettes in which the center get cored out.Stuffing It similar to other fast-casual concepts such as Chipotle or Salata, with a line where customers choose their ingredients, before heading to a “chopping station” where they can specify salad or sandwich. ChoppedGrab your “zeppelin” sandwich and you can eat on-the-go.ZeppelinDon’t fret out about the bread insides, as they get recycled into croutons. They have about 40 ingredients and 11 signature salads that can also be made into a “zeppelin.” You can also make YOUR OWN bed, mix it up and dress it up in a “zeppelin.” My daughter can testify for the Washington State (grilled chicken, apples, walnuts, beets, blue cheese crumbles with an arcadian green salad mix) as being, “AMAZING! I love the beets and the apples.” I enjoyed a the Lone Star and heard the Southwest needs to be next.

Bread Zeppelin – Salads Elevated
6440 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving

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