Blogging for the Love of It – BlogHer 2012

Some of the loudest voices on the internet tell you that you need to monetize, grow, get PR contacts and have a stronger media presence. Other loud voices are on either side of a partisan line, engaged in political gamesmanship and one-upmanship. But there are quieter voices in the blogosphere who have been raising their hand lately and reminding us all that they are here, and that their passion and devotion to personal expression is what the blogosphere has thrived on for over a decade: meet the bloggers who blog for the love of it.

Blogging provides immeasurable gifts that may never result in quantifiable “success metrics.” Success can mean living a higher quality of life because your blog simply means something to you and others. It makes you and your readers happy, makes you think, makes you feel. Bon Stewart moderated a conversation with Alexandra Rosas, Dorothy Snarker, and a room of bloggers who share the love.


  1. THANK YOU so much for this post, and for your love of blogging.

    Together, we can realize that we do it because it’s our connection to ourselves and it’s the outline of who we are.

    WIthout it, our voice is lost. WIth it, with our words down in black and white: we can see ourselves. And grow into who we were made to be.

    Thank you SO MUCH.

  2. Thank you, Alexandra! This was one of the top two sessions of mine at BlogHer.

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