Bling is the New Black

As I prepare for my trip to Blogher (Women’s Blog Conference), I’m beginning to plan out outfits that represent the Real Posh Mom. I recently came across Bling is the New Black, a custom crystal embellishments aka “bling” apparel worn by celebrities such as for Steven Tyler, Miranda Lambert, Joe Perry to name a few. What better designer to use for customizing a tee with my logo?! After tweeting @BlingYourBrand, yes tweeting, President Caitlin McConnell, she quickly responded and away my order went. (NOTE: This is a business who gets social media.)

Bling is the New Black‘s tees are a great way to express yourself while remaining stylish and comfortable. Ladies’ shirts and accessories can be custom made to reflect any mood, attitude or occasion like a personal blog, sorority fundraisers or special cause like Autism Speaks. Personalized and custom clothing are great ways to say what you feel and take less than two weeks to make. Contact Cat at

You can also buy existing designs from Bling is the New Black‘s website. Check out their etsy store where you can buy the transfers to create your own blinged out look. I cannot wait to wear this to New York City, and tell them that bling is the new black. 😉


  1. Cool! I need to check her out for my blog and our PTO.

  2. Elizabeth, you should! She has many colors and options 🙂

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