Daily Routine

William Blake states my daily routine so eloquently. I love mornings! It is truly the only time of the day when I can hear my thoughts. I enjoy sipping coffee on my comfy sofa with no noise or distraction. Then, 7 a.m. comes. It is nonstop preparing food, changing daipers and playing with the kids that sometimes I forget that I have not eaten all day. My husband is quick to remind me of this because my patience is a little short. Ahhh! By the time I am finished with dinner, I am ready for bed. Poof, my head hits the pillow and off to dreamland I go. Until the next morning 🙂

A Little Vignette

Being a “mama” is very difficult. I’m used to being an independent woman. The first year of motherhood was hard for me. I didn’t really know my place, influence or power I had over my young little family. I felt like every day was a chore. I hated cleaning. It felt like it was a never-ending job. I am sure you know how it is — you clean everything until all is spotless and beautiful and, within minutes, the house looks messy again. Cooking was not quite as bad. I missed conversations with adults and dining out whenever.

We have all heard of thankless jobs before. When you have little children a mother’s work seems thankless, indeed. I didn’t realize at the time that I was at the beginning of a journey — A journey to find nobility in motherhood. On Mother’s Day this year, I decided I needed some “mommy time” to step away from the daily mundane things and write about my life – the good, the bad and the ugly. This blog is a documentation of how I am learning or growing as a “mama.”

Disclaimer: Please forgive my simple language. Did I mention I have little adult conversation?