At Your Tipping Point Online?

Do you feel stressed, overworked, unable to manage your time and priorities amid a daily deluge of messages, tweets, updates and e-mails?

No, this isn’t some corny infomercial for a new gadget solution. Instead I’d argue it’s just a pretty accurate guess of how nearly everyone feels about the online information overload they battle on any given day. I challenge you this holiday season when your plant closes or your guest arrive to your house to celebrate Christmas…unplug. Talk, play board games (NOT bored games or games that need a TV), make memories and leave a legacy to your family.
IMG_3909 Social media is suppose to make your life easier NOT remove you from those people who are right there in front of you. So, make your goal this holiday to declutter our social online lives and tend to our real ones with friends and family.

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