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Professional background
Jayne had just moved from New York City, where she designed, produced and managed meetings and events for executives and their families in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and also worked closely with a wide range of NYC corporate, entertainment and private party clients, balancing the creativity of the Broadway community with the strict protocol requirements of the financial sector. Jayne doesn’t know how to be still. 😉 Originally from Pennsylvania, she got her passport when she was 16 and hasn’t stopped moving since, spending most of her adult years based out of New York City with a few stints in Miami Beach and Atlanta. She has been a contributing culture and society writer for Dallas-based blog, Oh So Cynthia, international news blog Huffington Post and Texas-based print magazine PaperCity. See LinkedIn profile.

Jayne spent the last 2+ in Dallas and is now moving to Laguna Beach, California. Regardless of her location, she continues to be a passionate traveler, dancer, consummate hostess, mom to a sassy little girl and wife to Texan real estate developer, whom she married in New Orleans in March 2013. She is frequently over-caffeinated and always on the hunt for new & interesting, especially when it concerns food, people, and the arts.

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What do you like to cook or make in the kitchen?
Anything new! I’m always making up recipes as I go along and finding ways to use new ingredients. My current obsession is Korean oyster sauce; my daughter likes it on her asparagus!

What is your “comfort food” or type of restaurant that you most frequent?
Sushi. All of us could eat sushi every night. I love staying in hotels that offer a Japanese breakfast of miso soup, fish, and rice; that whole diet just agrees with me and miso soup is the food of the gods as far as I’m concerned. It cures everything.

What’s your favorite color?
That’s a funny question with an interesting back story, but for now I’ll say slate blue when it comes to design, but it’s tough for me to wear anything but black. You can take the girl out of New York…

What’s you “mom uniform” – typical outfit in the day?
I could live in my ripped low-rise jeans, a black tank top, and flip flops. For a meeting I just switch out the jeans for a pencil skirt and the flip flops for heels. I think California will suit me better than Dallas has in that regard!jaynefamily

What languages do you speak?
I can get by with a little French, but apparently my German (which I grew up with in PA) isn’t as good as I once thought it was. That’s another long story. Before we started the moving process I was working on learning Mandarin and will continue those lessons once I’m settled again.

Do you prefer to hike up the mountains or relax on the beach?
I need a healthy balance of adventure and relaxation. Thankfully where we are moving we can go hiking in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon! It’s easier to relax and enjoy the peace when you know you got in a good workout earlier in the day.

What is your happiest family’s memory?
Without a doubt it was our second line parade through the French Quarter in New Orleans. My daughter was laughing the whole time, my husband was dancing, and there was nothing but pure joy all around, from our guests to the band to the spectators on the street. None of us will ever forget how special that was.JayneNOLAWedding

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