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Get inspired to live a smart, stylish and sustainably altruistic

global life as a mom, a Real Posh Mom!

Real Posh Mom helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in food, style, travel and family, and focused on living a quality life.

Real Posh Mom is our pursuit of nobility as we learn what life is being a “mommy.” We love to read, watch live performances and go to the Internet for the news. We are locavore culinary explorer. We love supporting local farm and eating things fresh. Someday, we will get organized and settled into our homes. Someday, we will arrange all of our old pictures into albums, write a novel and learn more foreign languages. Until then, we look at the world through our wanderlust glasses and try to share as many experiences with our family as we can.

Real Posh Mom is devoted to real food, posh style and the lifestyle of travel, tech toys (big and small) and the family. Real Posh Mom has a compassionate heart for charitable causes, a fabulous sense of style and extensive knowledge of local food when she travels the world. Real Posh Mom challenges you to try new things and live a quality life.

Jennifer, Lifestyle Expert, Owner & Founder of Real Posh Mom

I am a relaxed housewife.
I am a passionate mom.
I am a smart, business woman.
I am a luxury, world traveler.
I am a culinary explorer.
I am a classic fashionista.
I am a coffee aficionado.
I am arachnophobic.

What is Real Posh?

Real Posh is a smart, stylish and sustainably altruistic global life inspiring to be authentic and transparent. Real Posh people explore their hometowns and find beauty in everyday life. When they travel, they discover the world like locals, finding the hidden culinary gems and seeking for unique experiences in their unique style.

Real Posh Society

Real Posh Mom started as a blog only written by Jennifer, but today our growing team has writers from all around the world. Each writer on Real Posh Mom has their own specific niche.

MontenegroReal Posh Mom

  • Inspiration to try new things and live a quality life.
  • Peek into Jennifer’s life living around the world, from relaxing on the beaches in South Europe to shopping in London and currently living in Montenegro.

Real Posh Food

Food ideas and recipes.
Restaurant features.
Cookbook reviews.
True Food Kitchen_Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Real Posh Style

Latest trends and women’s and kids’ fashion.
The scoop on upcoming events and trends.
Shoe finds.
Gentlemen’s fashion.
Beauty trends and cosmetics.

Real Posh Travel

Travel stories and travel photos.
Travel reviews and tips how to enjoy luxury travel.
Travel destinations in the US and Europe.
Traveling with children.

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